For whom?

Among other issues, I can be of help with the following:

  • • Depression and sadness
  • • Anxiety and fears
  • • Anger issues
  • • Emotional control issues
  • • Burn-out or being overworked
  • • Stress
  • • Loneliness
  • • Loss and mourning
  • • Culture / integration issues
  • • Lack of assertiveness
  • • Family or partner related issues
  • • Issues around sexuality
  • • Work or study issues
  • • Meaning / meaninglessness
  • • Giftedness / High intellectual ability

I do not have waiting lists. Usually intake can take place within one week after first contact, and if you choose to continue, therapy can begin immediately the following week. If I conclude that your therapeutic goals are not well suited for my practice, I will refer you to a colleague.

I offer several options for therapy, among which online or at your home. Please see Practical Issues.

Would you like to register as a client? Please see the contact page.